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New 2015 Models

Get The Newest Kershaw Knives First!

Those who appreciate time-tested craftsmanship, fear not – the newest Kershaw knives are just as strong, handy and reliable as they’ve ever been. Kershaw has continued to innovate with brand new knives featuring the latest technology such as rust-resistant steels, pocket clips and other convenient features, all while maintaining the satisfying “thwack” that Kershaw’s renowned blade lockups are known for. History meets technology as Kershaw continues to innovate and improve their selection of quality knives.

Some of the newest Kershaw knives include features like a drilled hole that allows the knife to be carried on a lanyard. The new pocket knives from Kershaw feature contoured handles, making holding the knife and working with it exceptionally comfortable in any environment. New tactical knives have been redesigned for better durability and a tighter grip. Other thoughtful additions to these brand new knives include a flat-head screwdriver feature on the end of the knife, which doubles as an attachment for using a lanyard, and a bottle cap remover at the end of the knife. Whatever you desires in a new knife, Kershaw’s newest models are sure to deliver exactly what you need in a knife.

Since 1974, Kershaw has been providing consumers with durable, sharp, useful knives. Almost 40 years later, the newest Kershaw knives stay true to the vision of the company, delivering features that allow you to conquer any challenge, from hunting to filleting. Browse our selection of brand new Kershaw knives below to find your new favorite knife today.