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Tactical Knives

The Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Collection

Hikers, campers and outdoor sportsmen appreciate strength, durability, grip and sharpness of Kershaw hunting knives and tactical knives. These stainless tactical knives are built to be rust and corrosion resistant, and to withstand the harshest conditions. Both tactical folding knives and fixed-blade knives are available in a variety of sizes, colors and grips, with both straight and serrated blade available; offering the perfect knife for everyone.

Two of our most popular selections include the Kershaw Blur, and the Zero Tolerance ZT knife collection.

The Kershaw Blur is a tactical knife offering all the convenience of tactical folding knife with strength, power, and SpeedSafe. The Zero Tolerance knife collection is the pinnacle of precision in knife design and engineering. For serious missions, where every moment and movement counts, can you trust your knife? ZT knives feature the most advanced design and construction, with sophisticated custom grips and SpeedSafe opening mechanisms. These knives are trusted in combat around the world, and now you have the opportunity to own the same professional ZT knives that are used for the world’s most critical operations.

From stainless Kershaw hunting knives, to the ZT line of precision machined combat knives, every Kershaw knife is made with the same commitment to quality, high strength materials, and sharp edges that have been trusted around the world for almost 40 years. Browse below to find the tactical knife that suits you best.